Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2016 Written Episode Online Updates: Sooraj Tells About Secret Way

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Pp and Jimmy scolds all of them. Another boy throws everything. They becomes scared and Sandhya enters in street. Pp says he will shoot the cyclinder and they all will die. Sandhya moves forward. They hides. She enters her home and finds some waste. She goes to throw it in dustbin. Sooraj comes. Sandhya asks you are still awake. He says yes he was waiting for her. He takes wrapper and throws in dustbin. Sandhya thinks Sooraj is looking so changed as he firstly asked her to come early and then he is awake. He takes her in home. He thinks if he will tell Sandhya then they will kill his family. He sees shadow of boy holding gun. Sandhya also sees it and becomes tensed.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

She thinks police is searching whole Pushkar but they are in my home. Sandhya says tiffin is in car and she goes. Sooraj thinks now Sandhya knows that they are in our house. Sandhya puts gun on that boy hidden in dustbin. She asks him to hands up. Pp comes and claps and says brilliant Sandhya Rathi and you have got good mind. She says surrender otherwise she will shoot him. He says don’t be angry and not to shoot otherwise they will kill her whole family and everyone in this street. Sandhya asks what. She sees everyone is under them. She becomes shocked and everyone is tied. Pp asks Sandhya to give gun to him if she wants to meet her family and now this gun is useless.

She gives him gun. Pp says now you can go and they are worried. Sandhya goes and make them all free. She hugs Ved and says now she has come and no one needs to become scared. Bhabho cries and Sandhya says now she is here and nothing will go wrong she will handle everything. Sandhya helps everyone. Pp asks Sandhya if she wants to save them then he has an offer for her. Boy takes up a man and puts gun. Pp says he was going outside and she arranged 4000 police officers to catch them and thats why he has to do this. He asks if she wants to save them then this has price tag and she has to save them.

Till now she was using her mind for police but now she has to use her mind for them. He says save your all family members and make us escape. Sandhya says no i will not do it. Sandhya sees a dead man. Sandhya says no gun should be used and she will make them escape but she needs some time and make a plan. He says you have one hour and start thinking. She thinks she cannot let them go out from Pushkar

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