Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Vansh Meets Arpita

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Head says who will die then rest two will come with me and turns his head as he cannot see them dying. All boys puts gun on him. Everyone stands up. They says you will die as you put us to die. Jimmy says we should kill Head. Head says we are united and we are one. Jimmy says we said we will die together and live together. They starts countdown. Suddenly they starts laughing. Sandhya becomes shocked. Meenakshi ssys they were only acting like this. Head says not bad Sandhya Rathi and she wanted to break their unity and she cannot win from them. He says he will her. Sooraj says no. He holds her. Head says ok i will both. Bhabho remembers her dream and becomes scared. She says leave them and she will tell her not to do like this. Sandhya says no don’t beg in front of them.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya says kill me. Head asks Bhabho to tell Sandhya not to become brave. He says we all will go safely from here and you have to think how. Now she has no options left and they have strong roots and will die together. Someone knocks on door and Meenakshi goes to open door. Meenakshi asks who is there. Arpita says SP Arpita Khanna. Jimmy asks Meenakshi to tell her to leave. He comes and asks from all of them to act as normal and she should not doubt us. Head scolds Sandhya and asks her to send Arpita back otherwise he will kill all children. Meenakshi wipes her tears. Arpita thinks why she is taking so much of time to open gate. Arpita asks why you took so much time. She says terrorits are roaming and thats why.

Arpita asks about Sandhya. She takes her to house. Arpita says because of fear they all are in house. Arpita asks why these telephone wires are cut and says she will call telephone department and she will fix it. Meenakshi says no need as Sandhya has already called. She asks her to go in. Everyone sits and Arpita sees them. Sandhya welcomes her. She asks why you came suddenly. She asks her to sit. She asks what will she have. Arpita says no. She asks you left so much important meeting in between and thats why she came here.

Sandhya says she came for Bhaiya Bhabhi. Arpita asks Vikram how he got injured. Babasaa says he felled from stairs and Meenakshi says he slipped in bathroom. She becomes confused. Arpita asks where is Vansh.

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