Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th August 2016 Written Episode Updates DABH Recap: Sandhya Takes Identity Cards

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya gets ready for office. She thinks Head said that she can go to police station and steal identity cards of Scientist. Head tells her plans. He tells that Sandhya will help them to escape otherwise he will kill children. Head sees news and gets to know that city is on red alert and school colleges are closed. Sandhya tells to give something to eat as people are hungry. He says ok i will give them party but she has to help him . He gives her pen and asks her to keep it to her. Sandhya says this is spy cam and he wants to keep an eye on her. He says yes now she should leave. He says i will drop you to the gate or he don’t know after then we will meet or not. Meenakshi and Bhabho worries. Sandhya becomes ready to go. Sooraj gets up. Sandhya sees Lord Krishna and thinks something.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj says this is not first time when relation tested them. Sooraj says not to think about end but live in present. She should trust on herself. Sandhya says in her every battle Enemy was in front of her and if she will lose then she has to pay but now children has to pay if she lose. She says now i cannot pay such a big value. Sooraj tells he knows all this and she should do whatever her heart says and brain supports. She should thinks about future generation and what will they think that we bowed before terrrorists. He says we can die thousand times but cannot bow before them. Sandhya cries. Bhabho says she will do. Babasaa says yes. Bhabho gets up and goes to Sandhya.

Bhabho says you will do and today she should forget everything and has to save children. She has to remember one thing that she has to do whatever Terrorists are saying and her duty is not more important than children. She has to save whole Hanuman gali and she has to protect them. Bhabho says she has heard many things but she reminds her of that criminals may slip but no innocent people should be harmed. Bhabho says she is mother first and her priority is her children. She asks Sandhya to promise her that she will not do anything that will harm her family.

Bhabho says their last hope is Sandhya and she believes that she will not do anything wrong. Bhabho forces her to promise her. Sandhya promises her and says she knows her responsibilities very well and she does not need to become tensed. Sandhya goes. Bhabho thinks to forgive her that she took this promise and she cannot lose Sandhya and Sooraj.

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