Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Live Updates Recap: Sandhya Shoots Arpita

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Vansh goes to Arpita. He becomes scared. Arpita asks what happened Vansh. Terrorits put gun on children. Vansh starts crying and says Aunty. Arpita asks what happened. Sandhya thinks if he will tell truth then Kanak and Ved will be in danger. Vansh cries and says he wants to meet his parents for last time. Arpita says yes she will take him. She thinks Vansh is so sad but why he is so scared. She thinks why they all are so worried and Vansh was not able to lie. Sandhya thinks about Ankur and Bulubul. She says she is feeling like she has become an orphan. Sooraj says its true but you have to handle yourself as everyone is dependent on us. Sooraj says if you will break then who will handle Vansh. He says we should work with courage.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya asks Vansh not to cry as his parents will always be with him. Vansh pushes Sandhya back and says yes his parents will be in his memory. Bhabho says she wants to feed some child. She gives money to Arpita says if you will give to orphange then it will be good. Bhabho asks to give it earlier. Arpita says fine. Vansh says today he did this and said lie to Arpita. He is supporting them who killed their parents. Vansh says he will also become bad personality and then no one will be able to defeat him and everybody will be scared of him. Arpita takes call of Sandhya and gets to know that identity cards has been sent to Commissioner. Sandhya comes and asks why you were talking on my phone. Arpita says Research center called you.

Arpita talks to Commissioner and says Sandhya is hiding something from our department. He says are you sure what you are saying. Arpita says she is pretty sure as when you organised meeting then she went somewhere and she find her in his cabin. Then she realised she is hiding something. Sandhya talks to head and says she has to put fake id cards in place of real ones and otherwise Commissioner will suspect us. Rest three terrorists comes changing their looks. Commisioner becomes angry and says Sandhya is so honest.

Arpita says may be she is wrong but if she has doubt then we have to clear our doubt. He says fine i will clear my mailbox. Arpita and Commisioner goes. Sandhya thinks she had to place id cards before Commisioner checks his mailbox.

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