Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: A Lady Beats Misri

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj asks why Sandhya is so worried. Sandhya says she found Mansi today. Sooraj says she did a great job and her parents will be so happy to see her. Sooraj asks why she is so sad. Sandhya says she is not feeling satisfied to see Mansi with her parents. She was not happy to see her parents and was so depressed to see them. She thinks what might be the reason. She also thinks something is missing from her. Arpita calls Sandhya and tells her phone broke and went to repairing center and it has latest technology and someone is tapping their phone.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya says Mansi’s parents have done this and they came suddenly there and how will they know. Sandhya asks Arpita to tap her parents Number. Arpita calls man and asks them to tap numbers. She gives numbers. Sandhya thinks we have not done right thing. Arpita says its a big problem. At night. Maasaa asks Emily and thinks she had to create drama again. She asks her to pack her bags and Pari will come tomorrow so she should leave tomorrow. Maasaa thinks now Om and Emily will realise their importance. Emily walks silently.

Om thinks Emily had not said once that they can handle the situation. Arpita asks man to check the car if they have crossed the border. Another says no it has not crossed our toll. Sandhya asks any other toll car passed. Police tells car passed Mount abu toll. Arpita says great job. Sandhya thinks we have done wrong as Mount abu is so lonely place and what are they going to do there. She worries. Arpita thinks now what they can do. Sandhya says they have to follow them. Meenakshi leave Pari. Pari sits in car.

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