Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2016 Latest Written Episode Updates: Mishri Gets Beaten By Unknown lady!

Sandhya DABH

Sandhya and Arpita fights with fake parents of Mansi. She sees them injured and Mansi gets scared. Sandhya asks if she is fine and asks her not to worry. Mansi shivers. Meenakshi thinks Mishri is so ill and she should tell that madam that Mishri is not going to anywhere. Mishri ssys she is okay and she wants to know.

Meenakshi says no she will not allow her to go. Pari ssys she also wants to becomes something and Meenakshi will tell her name with Proud. Pari says then no one will blame her and everyone will admire her. Emily talks to Om and tells him everything where she has placed. Om gets sad seeing her packing her bags. Om says medicines which she is taking has many side effects. He asks her to take medicine from him. Sandhya takes Mansi to hospital and Doctor checks her. Doctor tells Mansi is so scared and she is so innocent.

Sandhya DABH

She has gone through bad phases and she has beaten up many times. She has examined her and she has also physically abused. Sandhya becomes shocked.

Doctor says she has many injuries and she is so helpless. Doctor asks Sandhya not to ask him any questions now as she needs family environment. Sandhya says she has to ask question as she has expose this racket. Sandhya says she will take her home. Meenakshi gets all things to Mishri. Mishri says she is okay now. Meenakshi gives her ladoos and mathri and asks her to take care of herself and call her timely.

Meenakshi cries. Vikram gets upset  and sits. Sooraj says he can understand his pain and sadness but Mishri is not going to her sasural now and come back in three four days. Stay tuned for all the latest episode updates of most favorite episodes updates and written telly.

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