Doctor Says To Hurry-Up for Operation! ‘Swaragini’ 31st August 2016 Latest Episode Written Updates Of Colors Tv

Swragni 31 Aug

The whole family is very tensed and worried because of Durga Prasad’s heart attack and suddenly falling down on the ground. Swara was very worried and suddenly ask the doctor to treat him and take care of him. While everyone was close to the I.C.U where Durga Prasad was admitted, Lakshay and  Sanskar wants to go to Aadarsh to bring the money from for the operation.

The doctor comes and confirms that he has suffered a major heart attack and will be in danger for the upcoming time. Everyone was very shocked to listen to the doctor, nurse too was using them to spy the money and they are getting more and more worried about the payment. They both went to Adarsh and ask for the money but as expected he shows then a cheque with 5 Lakh written on it but he tears it in front of them to make them suffer the situation more. They both start fighting and while Sanskar was about to leave he says to not interfere and do anything which will go to have a bad effect on their life otherwise he will have to suffer the consequences of it.

Swragni 31 Aug

Shekhar too comes to know about the situation of the family and ask Swara about the situation there, Parineeta comes into the hospital and so many insulting things for Durga Prasad which seriously hurts the whole family.

The situation gets too much worse that in the very end while all the four were leaving, Parineeta gets slapped very hard by Ragini which makes her fall on the ground. Shekhar was trying to get the money arranged by putting his shop on the mortgage but dad comes there and snatches the papers from his hand and says to not eye for the shop because of it his father’s shop.

Swara and ragini bring money from somewhere and everyone gets very shocked to see the money and ask them from where did they arrange the money.

The situation gets worse when Parineeta brought all the Injections which is needed by a doctor to treat Durga Prasad and she calls them and tells them the same. Everyone was in too much shock to see Parineeta’s doing.

The duo Swara and Ragini go to Parineeta and try to easily convince her but she is not worth it, Swara and Ragini try to pull her and snatch the injections from him but it didn’t work out because all those were broken. Then the doctor says them to hurry-up because they might need to Operate on him.

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