Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi To Have A ‘Superhero’ Joining Before This Season’s Christmas


The doctor who a British science fiction program  produced by BBC . This show is about a doctor who has a time travelling machine named TARDIS, which appears like a blue police box from the outside. Peters Capaldi’s Dr. who is not going to show a temporary companion on the TARDIS, Dr. will be having company in this Christmas special episode.

The episode is still untitled but Nardone played by Matt  Lucas is going to come back in this episode, he also previously appeared in as River song’s former assistant. Although nor dole being a trouble maker , the last time he appeared in this series he messed up a lot but not intentionally cut still the damage was done. He himself tried his best to undo the mistake and corrects the situation and later on did  end everything by telling the truth while his body holding his head . Even after being a cyborg nordole doesn’t have any less fewer feelings than any human.

dr-who-2As his appearance is confirmed in season 10 . by his funny performance in his last appearance audiences really liked him . Another guest appearance is going to make by the Canadian actor Justin Chatwin (played role in the war of the world , shameless ) who is said to be playing a  superhero character in this series . just the pretty boy of the industry is accurately suitable for the role . we all are looking forward to the superhero Justin.

This Christmas Dr does not have any companion to help him out or to be with him so this place is going to be filled by Nardone. This would be really exciting to see two of them work together.

The Official Trailer:

He won’t be a companion but will be playing a similar role. As nor dole is not temporary in this, he will be just in this episode . Justin Chatwin tweeted about this after coming back from the BBC studios “the show is mainly filmed in the studios only”

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