‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Updates: “Missy Is Back On The Show” | Upcoming Episodes Synopsis & Previews


Pearl Mackie is becoming the new lead on ” Dr. Who” which is a quite a big deal . The feelings can only be expressed by pearl Mackie about taking Jenna Coleman’s place in this show representing self as the Peter Capaldi’s new Tardis buddy.

As we all know he never really had any confirm assistant for operating Tardis but Pearl Capaldi’s is here now to help. But there is a ritual of passing on the wisdom to the newcomer at the sets well it has completed by Jenna Colman to Pearl Mackie. Giving her some comforts and warmth of love as a best of luck for the mere future as, Jenna Coleman says” I sent her some flowers and a note, and kinda just passed the wisdom Karen Gillan passed on to me”, the Victoria star told Radio Times.com,cementing her reputation as a Good Egg.

missy-2That is quite a secret they share now? ,what it how to best process the pressure of fan expectations, or to get your mind around the science – fiction dialogue, or cope with the security of the press ? No guys the advice was where she can get some decent tapas in south wales.

Well, that’s quite an exciting thing to share, maybe this would be the best as food is the only thing that comes to mind after working soo hard on sets . She is a life saver in some scene, isn’t it.

Their is a lot of things she added in her note to Pearl not leaving that behind this is the whole note that She wrote to Pearl. Jenna Colman in Doctor Who : “It was the best places to eat in Cardiff”, Coleman revealed.”so you know, the pectoral, valuable stuff. “And other than that, you know: it’s an adventure, and enjoy it, I don’t think Pearl would need any advice from me really”. She added:”I look forward to seeing her in it because It’s totally unknown to me “.

She also revealed that all she wanted to do is to watch the whole sci-fi series as a fan only and also considering it as exciting.” I am yeah, really really excited” she said.She also reveals that this is stevens last series and that also she is really excited in seeing him performing in his last year .

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