Donald Trump will move US embassy to Jerusalem at Israeli ambassador’s comeback

Donald Trump will move US embassy to Jerusalem at Israeli ambassador's comeback

Donald Trump this time gets influenced by Israel’s ambassador, who issued an endorsement saying that Donald Trump must shift the US embassy. Donald Trump is now taken a pledge to move US embassy to Jerusalem. The Israel ambassador says that this will get a break in the US foreign policy. Before this, Trump had elected and nominated Israel David Friedman as an ambassador, who will continue the shift of US embassy.

At this the Israeli embassy Hanukkah party, Dermer tells about the mission and mention it as a great step towards peace. He says that this is seriously a great step towards the nation welfare. Before this, Israel and Palestinians mentioned Jerusalem as their capital. At this, the US officials say that if Trump will take this kind of decision then a negative response from the people’s side can be seen.

He notifies it as a conviction by the people to the US embassy. Connected to this, a Palestinian official, Saeb Erekat says that this step can create the conflicts between the state and can be called as destruction in peace progress. Dermer says that this step shall be taken much before. Dermer had not mentioned him in his statement.

Seeing to an another phase for the decision, Netanyahu is being silent till now. Netanyahu who was in a fractious relationship with Barack Obama had supported the winning of Donald Trump. She is now waiting for the process of working and decisions taken by the Donald Trump. The decision is being both criticize and praised at different levels.

Friedman was a president of US group and raised money for the settlement. Jewish American opposed Friedman and raise their voice to confirm his nomination for the further process. Stay tuned with us for more recent updates and news feeds like this.

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