Durga Prasad Gets Fainted Everybody Gets Shocked! ‘Swaragini’ 29th August 2016 Written Live Episodes Updates Of Colors Tv

Swaragini 29th Aug

The show starts and we see that Pari says to Aadarsh its all their house now and Sulekha agrees to come. Durga thanks, Shekhar and Sumi and they say it’s one family and will solve it together, Dadi see a Maheshwari family coming with Shekhar , Sumi, and their baby.

She gets shocked seeing Chotu, Then neighbor asks Shekhar about the baby and he says that its a lie his baby did not die, his mother played the game with him. He says that he can’t stay with Dadi anymore, he says that she is the reason of all thing else Aadarsh and Pari won’t do this. She says that she did for his good but Shekhar says that doesn’t she has a love for her grandchild and asks her to leave. Sulekha asks Pari to be careful with Swara as she will fight back, she says she will handle her and Aadarsh sees family pic and asks Pari to throw strangers pic. Shekhar says to Chotu that the family is complete because of these two girls Swara says that Swaragini will solve everything.
Ragini and Swara make table ready for food Sumi have made.

Swaragini 29th Aug

They all sit and ask to start it. Then they hear knocking on the door and Shekhar opens it. He sees women organization’s ladies and they tell him that his mother complained a fair against him, Parvati comes and looks at Shekhar. She cries and acts that she is feeling unsafe in the house then inspector says that she can call him if she is in any trouble, she says okay. Women says that it’s her house and she will decide who will live here and who will not. They all leave.

Shekhar asks Durga sorry for his mother’s doings and says that they will live at Dida’s house. Dadi says that if he leaves the house then there will be no connection of his with this house, he agrees and they all leave without having food. Dadi holds Ragini’s hand and asks her to stay with her but she says that she will stay where her family will stay and they leave.

Then Dadi says that Lado I have brought up you, one day you will have to come to me….We will see in next Pari comes to Baadi to insult them and Durga gets a heart attack and falls, Ragini shouts papaji. all look at him

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