Educated Guess: Gurmeet Will Not Leave Splitsvilla 9 24th September 2016 Episode


If you don’t know or watch Splitsvilla 9 then this post is not for you and for those who watch Splitsvilla 9 we have a special prediction for today’s episode. If you are viewing this article then we are taking a simple assumption that you have seen the last episode of Splitsvilla 9 and up to date with everything.

splitsvilla-9-gurmeetClick here to read the last episode of Splitsvilla 9: Splitsvilla 9 17th September 2016

Now the one important question which is right now is that will Rajnandini take revenge on the bold queen Kavya and dump Gurmeet. But let us tell you what we think.

As you all already know that it is very obvious that Rajnandini will dump Gurmeet but come on. This is Splitsvilla 9 and whatever you think will happen will never happen. There is very strong chance that Book of Fortune will turn the tables and save Gurmeet. And if you really want proof of that then just try to remember how many time it was obvious that Varun will leave the villa.

splitsvilla-9 queensAnd the results are in front of us, Archie is back in the game and Gurmeet also came back after being dumped. and it is clear from the picture how happy both the queens are and finally got their happy ending.

MTV is making Splitsvilla 9 to make money basically and for that, they need to build its TRP(television rating point). Which they cannot make it by making the show obvious.

But the interesting thing that will happen is that all the evicted contestant from Splitsvilla 9 will join the tonight’s dumping ground. What do you think who will leave the Splitsvilla 9 tonight and whom will Book of Fortune favor this time?

Spiltsvilla 9 24 septemberOne more interesting think is Isha and Abhishek will be evicted from the Splitsvilla 9. it is easly visible when in the above picture that they are with ex-splitsvillans.


All your question will be answered in tonight’s episode of Splitsvilla 9 on MTV at 7pm.

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