This Is How Tanay Malhara Won Dance Plus 2 Grand Finale 25th September 2016


So here we are with our journey through the 2nd season of Dance plus. The News Recorder was always there to update you from the very starting. the second season of dance plus started on 2nd July 2016. Whereas auditions were conducted between 3rd May 2016 to 26th May 2016 across several cities of India.


The first episode of Dance Plus was aired on 2nd July 2016 and today is the air of the last episode of the Dance plus 2. Star Plus did not let any news escape from its studios which made it difficult to know for sure who will win the Dance Plus 2. The team at The News Recorder collected facts and data and from that facts and data we removed many things and deduce what seems impossible but is the truth.

India has voted for ‘Contemporary Ka Season 2’ – Tanay Malhara, as the victor of ! Quote RT to congratulate him!



So let’s not waste your time and let us look at the facts and data.

Right now we have 4 finalists who was competing for the winning position of Dance plus 2.
Sushant Khatri
Tanay Malhara
Piyush Bhagat
Wild Rippers

Let’s talk about each of them one by one. First one is Sushant Khatri from Kathmandu Nepal. If we talk about his past achievements then he appeared in ‘India Dancing Superstars’ on Star Plus earlier. Although he was unable to win but he was applauded by the jury panel Ritesh Deshmukh, Geeta Kapoor and Ashley Lobo. In the Dance Plus, 2 Sushant Khatri came with a unique dance style, ‘Lyrical Feel’

Moving to the next contestant, Tanay Malhara from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Tanay does what he do the best and which is contemporary dance style. He used this same dance style in his last dance reality show. Those who don’t know or remember Tanay Malhara, he was a strong contestant in Dance India Dance-2013 on Zee TV. Although he was unable to win but able to win the heart of millions at such a small age.

Next in our list is Piyush Bhagat from Jammu and Kashmir. Piyush is also called ‘Dance ka bhakt: Piyush Bhagat’. Piyush is the one who is already working as an assistant choreographer at Bosco-Caesar Dance Company (BCDC). Piyush Bhagat also won the Boogie Woogie which used to air on Sony entertainment. Apart from that, he won mostly all local dance competitions.

And Finally Last but not the Least, Wild Ripperz from Nepal. Wild Ripperz won may competitions in the past and even those were not small or local. In 2014, they won ‘Nepal Urban Street Dance Competition’ and in 2015 they won ‘India’s Biggest Fest’. And talking about their latest achievement, In 2016, they won ‘India’s Best Dance Crew’.

But the thing is that the one with maximum votes will win the game. it is very much clear and obvious that the people from Nepal would only want a Nepali to win and that is the reason why most of the voted from Nepal will be in the favour of Sushant Khatri and Wild Ripperz. The population of Nepal is 27.8 million.

People from Jammu & Kashmir will mostly vote to Piyush Bhagat. The population of Jammu & Kashmir is 12.55 million. And Tanay is left who is from Maharastra with the population of whooping 114.2 million.

Now you must be thinking why are we talking about the population of certain country and states, please allow us to explain. What we deduce is that if we divide the population of

Firstly, what we deduce is that if we divide the population of Nepal equally in favour of Sushant Khatri and Wild Ripperz then both of them will get 13.9 million votes (hypothetically) each. And alone votes from Nepal Sushant Khatri and Wild Ripperz are surpassing Piyush Bhagat with the Jammu & Kashmir’s population of 12.55 million. Last but not the least is left Tanay Malhara who have the massive support of 114.2 million people.

Second, let’s clear the crowd, here we have a tie between Sushant Khatri and Wild Rippers with 13.9 million each. Let’s be honest, Wild Ripperz also playing an emotional card here (no offence) which give them a plus point over Sushant Khatri. Piyush Khatri is already behind so there can be a clash between Piyush and Sushant for being 2nd runner-up.

Now the competition is between Tanay and Wild Ripperz. Now clearly Tanay has back of 114.2 million people and Wild Ripperz only have around 15 million(emotional card).

Irrespective of state and country there is still the whole population of India who can change the face of the game totally. On the small scale we came to the conclusion:

Dance Plus 2 Winner: Tanay Malhara

1st Runner-up : Wild Ripperz
2nd Runner-up : Piyush Bhagat
3rd Runner-up : Sushant Khatri

Prize Money: 25 Lakhs

and a special message is there from the Captan Dharmesh for all of you,


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