Egypt Plane Hijacker Suspect Arrested in Cyprus; All passengers safe

egypt plane hijcak

An EgyptAir Plane MS 181 was hijacked by an Egyptian man on Tuesday, and he forced its landing in Cyprus, where the majority of passengers were permitted to get out, although three passengers and four crew members were on board with him, as per a report by Cypriot officials dated March 29, 2016.

The intention of the man wasn’t clear but Nicos Anastasiades, the Cyprus President, stated that this hijacking wasn’t related to terrorism. However, an official from Cyprus government stated that the man seemed to be in ‘love’ as per the investigation.

Speaking about anonymity, a civil aviation official stated that since he wasn’t permitted to reveal the details of the negotiations, he gave the name of a woman living in Cyprus and asked the negotiators to give her an envelop. The relationship that they were sharing is not yet clear.

This plane took off from Alexandria, a Mediterranean coastal city of Cairo and had around 55 passengers on board, seven crew members and 26 foreigners.

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Another official stated that no immediate signs of distress were shown by the plane. Normally, the flight between Cairo and Alexandria takes around 30 minutes. There was some confusion regarding the identity of the hijacker. Sharif Fathi, the Civil Aviation Minister of Egypt, failed to identify him.

Earlier, Hossam Al-Quash an Egyptian government spokesman stated that the hijacker was Ibrahim Samaha, but there was an Egyptian woman who identified herself as his wife and stated that her husband wasn’t a hijacker but was on his way to Cairo as he wanted to fly to the United States for attending a conference.

The woman identified herself as Nahla and told in an interview that her husband hadn’t been to Cyprus ever and stated that the photo that was shown on regional and Egyptian TV channels wasn’t him. Later, a different name was given for the hackers.

The government spokesman, Al-Quash told private TV networks that authorities couldn’t confirm whether the hijackers had explosives, but an earlier statement showed how the man claimed he had a belt with explosives.

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