Enjoy These April Fools Day Pranks 2016 On Your Parents

April Fools Day Prank

April Fools day is celebrated across the world on of April 1 every year. So, if you wish to play some pranks on your family or friends, here are some of the hilarious April Fools’ Pranks of 2016.

However, make sure you aren’t falling for any of them, but if family members or friends do, then use this story for calling them out.

Prank no.1

Change the clocks of your parents. Adjust the clock to an hour earlier and enjoy watching them start the day earlier than always. Once they look at their cell phone, they would be surprised.

Prank no. 2

Imagine how your mom’s face would be when you show her the 1st tattoo. She would cry and be shocked. Get some temporary tattoo done and give her a shock. Show it to your parents either through text message or in person.

Prank no. 3

You must graffiti your parents’ car. Make use of washable window markers for writing ‘Honk if you can read this’ or write ‘Happy April Fools Day’. This would drive them crazy.

Prank no.4

Send a fake ticket to your parents. Find some image on Google, doctor it and give it to your parents. They would be confused and shocked when they get a $1,000 speeding ticket. However, reveal the truth before they go.

Prank no.5

Mess up with milk that parents have brought in. If that milk is kept in a light blocking container, this would be the easiest of all pranks. All you need to do is mix in some food dye in the carton and shock your parents with its new color when they go to pour some in the cereal.

Prank no. 6

Give them a fake lottery ticket. Let them feel like a winner for a moment. Although it is cruel, it a funny one.So do you have any other prank in mind? If so, then please share with us.

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