Episode 3rd Twenty Four 24 Season 2 30th July Latest Updates

24 season 2

The amazing and thrilling show which has shown its excellency in both acting and plotting of the story, has come back again and the is time the level is just on the next level.

Jai was trying to take Roshan Sherchand out as the terrorists have given them the warning if they didn’t take him out within 24 hours they will going to blast a very dangerous virus which can end the whole India within seconds. Jai gives him the chance to run and break out from the jail with him,  but he doubts over this statement of Jai. The terrorists were planning their best to take their plan out, but one of the master mind is very cautious about his decisions and his partners activities.

24 season 2

One of the terrorists daughter is very close to Jai singh Rathore. PM of the country is worrying about this situation whether his mother is convincing him to take her daughter out from the jail because she was in jail for becoming a part of the terrorists. Jai was trying his best to take out the small points and linking so that he can come close to the culprit, but the thing is getting tougher for him.

The mastermind of the plan is having a big consignment transferring tonight, and she tell this to Jai. The team who gets this news conforming that she will not going to accompany them. All the groups who are after this problem starts becoming active because the time is less. Jai was trying his best to not lose any part of his investigation  or to break the point where the focus is not done.

Jai was trying his best to extract Roshan but he doesn’t know that all this was the plan if Haroon and he has given an ultimatum to him of creating an havoc amon peoples. Evdant and his team raids a place while searching for the lead for the virus with Feroz alam but they did’t find something worthy for their search conducted.

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