Eric Tayag Confirms Chikungunya Outbreak In Cavite Town, Philippines


We all are aware that mosquito-borne diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria and others are striking on the health of people. Many lost their lives and many are still living this painful life of disease. Chikungunya is still in process to take a toll on health of people.

chikungunya mosquitoe

Recently an outbreak of Chikungunya has been declared on Indang town in Cavite. The number of cases is rapidly increasing and it’s affecting the health scale of the city. This news has been confirmed by Eric Tayag, Assistant Secretary in Department of Health (DOH) on Saturday, October 1.

Eric Tayag has official statement that more than 470 carriers of Chikungunya disease have been reported since January 1. When we will compare the figure with whole Calabarzon region (Where Cavite belongs) has more than 1,000 suspected cases and only 23 of them has confirmed up to September 3.

DOH Assistant Secretary, Eric Tayag also stated “Karamihan sa mga nagkakasakit niyan, 15 anyos pataas. Pangalawa, nirereklamo nila, matinding arthritis na matagal bago matanggal (Most of those stricken by the disease are 15 years old and above. Second, they complain about intense arthritis that takes a long time to disappear)”.

Tayag also gave few words on this disease. He said cases of Chikungunya and other mosquito-borne disease increases during the rainy season. He also added that the mosquitoes who carries Chikungunya are same as that of Dengue and Zika Virus.

After that Eric Tayag makes people recall the “4S Campaign” of DOH to fight against such diseases which were like

* Destroy the mosquito breeding places.
* Use of insect repellents for self-protection.
* Medical consultation after two days of continues fever.
* Say no to indiscriminate fogging.

Some symptoms of Chikungunya are

* Fever
* Joint pain
* Muscle Pain
* Headache
* Rashes on skin

Medical consultation and proper care will be the most effective way to come out of this invasive disease. So stay protected, stay safe and share this information with others to help them aware.

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