Ex-Splitsvilla Contestant Gaurav Arora Sorry! Now Call Her Gauri Arora


Sometimes it doesn’t matter the outer appearance and all that what it takes to make your place in other people heart is the nature and personality. This might surely fit on Gaurav Arora, who is now officially Gauri Arora.

The smart, dashing and impressive personality guy has successfully changed his personality and gender too, the news of his becoming a girl is not new to anyone, actually, the news was confirmed on the very Famous and renowned reality show Splitsvilla and Gauri were the contestants in the eighth season of the show. He confirmed his bisexuality on the show and now he has proved what he said by going through a transformation for becoming Gaurav to Gauri.

gauri-aroraThe news comes out when she officially announced his undergoing this change and in her pics, you can see the changes like short bob, enhanced cheekbones, fuller lips and perfectly dressed as a girl’s outfit.

This model turned actor has started his life to live as a women and she is very much proud of her decision, she is confident that she will going to go against all odds and will go to get everyone’s love, even she also made her Instagram a social networking site account by the name of Gauri Arora and already posted her pics.


Her pictures have shown a very great change in her physique and the change is actually very gorgeous. Her stunning and exceptionally sensual images are very lovely and show her confidence after going through a very big change like this.

gauri-arora-3She is very confident and we appreciate her decision to leave her like her ways.

The News Recorder wishes Gauri Arora a very good and happy life ahead.

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