‘Exclusive’ Google Event 4th October: All The Latest Launch, Updates & Highlights Revealed Live!


Google is going to have a very great and exceptional event today as there are speculations that the Google will go to unveil some very finest and some very unexpecting hardware, while the unveiling will going to have some new Pixel smartphones too.

The Pixel running stock Android while also focusing on replacing the Nexus lineup of devices. The Event will also go to discuss briefly the ‘Google Home’, which is one of the biggest competitors of the Amazon Echo which has already been previewed earlier by Google this year, while also revealing about the launching dates of the same.

Below are some of the points which we’ll go and get in the event or some very expected points of the event, while there is no official confirmation about any revelations still these are the speculations which can be unveiled.


google-pixelWhile the Google will go to have the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone in the Lineup and two of the most expected smartphone in the tech world right now, while the Nexus was said to be owned by HTC or behind the scenes for supplying for them, the mistake will never go to happen in case of Pixel and Pixel XL.

The only thing which is revealed and most expected in these two smartphones will be their specs which will go to same, the only difference will go to be the display size which is 5-inch in the Pixel while it will going to be 5.5-inch in the Pixel XL.

While the smartphones will go to have the very latest of the tech upgrades and features right now, not less than a Snapdragon 821 processor from Qualcomm, supported with a 4GB of RAM to boost up the device and makes it to work it without any lagging issues, full HD display with 1080p HD screen on the Pixel, which will be accompanied by 2,560*1,440 or 2K display on the XL. While coming to camera section both will going to be loaded with a 12-MP powerful camera which a very impressive focus and image quality and fingerprint scanner for better security experience.

There is also a good news for those who are planning to buy these ‘exceptional’ tech as they will go to price around $649, and as rumors confirms the smartphone will be made financially available to the buyer through a financing programs which will go to work like the Apple’s own installment purchase plane was made out for the iPhones.

As the specifications actually scream out that the smartphone will going to come out with one of the best user experience and will go to make sure the device will stand strong on the brand name compared to other.

1. Google Home:

google-home-2The next device will go to come out as a very thrilling one as the early adoption of the voice command which is the ‘Ok, Google’ interface, Home is that product which looks like a speaker with some very pleasant fragrance, while the main action remains the same as it will going to take command and solve all your queries from the iOs and Android apps out of the box, while coming with the price tag of $129 anticipated for the device, but this Bluetooth enabled device has some additional advantage, since it has the name Google written over, with a cast ready device.

google-homeToday will be a day for the official revelations for the shipping tomorrow and might get more details about it and how it will going to connect with the assistant of your device too.

2. Google’s New Chromecast:

chromecast-2The next-gen revolution to the Google’s minimalist approach to the TV streaming category will going to take on the next step as the rumored evolution of the Chromecast which is very much enabled with supporting a 4K video streaming and potentially HDR, while the price for the device is expected to be around $69, while the update will ve very impressive as it is expected to give competition to the Apple Tv. While leaving the content/navigation/Interface to the smartphone devices users are already comfortable with it.

chromecast3. Daydream VR:

Google VR
The Google has already revealed that the one of the latest new VR platform, which is ‘Daydream VR’ is going to be built right into Android 7 (Nougat), for devices that have the specs to support it effectively. But the best part for the Daydream will be hardware headsets and controllers for the VR experience.

This will surely go to begin a whole new journey for a very great experience for residing VR users.

4. Google WiFi OnHub:

Google does already have an OnHub routers, but there are still many speculations that it will go to introduce a new router device at the event tomorrow. The device will be designed more to be the anchor of an extensible network for whole-home coverage. The device will go to cost the buyer around $129 but it will be able to pair up with others to form a flexible, simple to use and configure the extended network, similar to devices like the Eero.

So in overall Event we are going to expect these things to get into the light completely:

1.Two new phones that drop the Nexus name in lieu of “Pixel”
2.Pricing, availability and more details on Google Home, the Amazon Echo competitor the 3.company announced earlier this year
4.An upgraded 4K Chromecast video streamer
5.A successor to its OnHub Wi-Fi router
6.More information on Daydream, its new VR platform
7.A new Pixel tablet (or laptop)
8.Possibly: a whole new operating system that combines elements of Android and Chrome OS.

The Google will going to have the live event on the youtube and all the latest updates and highlights will be updated on The News Recorder.

Stay Tuned For More Amazing and latest updates about the Google Live Event.

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