‘Exclusive Live Updates’: Haiti Gets Hit By A Category 4 ‘Hurricane Matthew’


A recent news confirmed about the severe conditions which has been caused to the Western Haiti by Hurricane Matthew which came with a very drastic speed of about 145 mph and made it landfall.

This dangerous storm has pounded the whole area and the residents, while killing a lots of people from which only five peoples have been founded till now, while causing a very huge loss to the seaways like the cruise ships and marking the states to declare emergency. The news have been confirmed by people regarding the deaths and possible threats which is still possessing to the people who are residing nearby the area.

hurricane-matthewThere are people who are still missing and some who didn’t respect the alert, now they have suffered the consequsnces of not marking the alert, this statement has been given  by Haitian President Jocelerme Privert who were at a conference when he said this.

The hurricane is of category four and hit the Haiti with so much power that made landfall near Les Anglais around the morning at 7:00pm and then it goes towards the Inland Haiti at about 9mph.

The area was already going through ferocious rain and heavy winds who were already thrashing the Carribeam Nation before the storm made the situation worse with the landfall, while the forecasters have already given away the news that there are chances of possible life-thrashing flash slides and mudslides.

The residents of the nations are already suffering a lot and as 40-inches of rain could be dumped on the improvised nation, which is still recovering from a very devestating earthquake that struck here 6 year ago and then they suffered a major cholera outbreak. Stay tuned to the News Recorder for more latest updates about the world & US news.

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