Exclusive Report: Bomb Material Found At Micah Johnson’ Home Including Guns Dallas Shooting Attack

dallas shooter

Here five police officers were killed and seven are seriously injured in hail of gunfire during a grievance on Thursday while the police is shooting black men.Its got to know there a 25 year old Micah Johnson, in the central Dallas was died after a long stand off.

It is told by Mayor Mike Rawlings that officials have a believe that he was “the secluded shooter”.
After the death of  Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana, the protest in Dallas took place here after this week’s death.

dallas shooter
there are number of gun attacks on police officers and civilians had occurred in the aftermath of the deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana, as the officials revealed.


A black army veteran killed a woman and also injured three other people, including a police officer, In Tennessee, as he just bring and opened fire on a motorway on Thursday morning, before the attack being held there in Dallack. He got arrested , named Lakeem Keon Scott, later on in the investigation he said that he was troubled by police violence against African- Americans.

A police officer was shot from behind after he just walked back to his patrol car to check the driving status of that black man who he had just stopped, all the stuff is just happens in Missouri.Once again the motive is unknown, in Georgia this Friday, an police officer was shot after he respond to a call from a man who said his car had been broken into.

Bomb making material was found said by the police in Dallas, when the police had searched off there in the home of Mesquite where Micah Johnson is living with his mother .
Johnson was sent into a car park and he was killed by remotely detonated explosives which was sent where he had taken refuge after the shootings.

it is revealed by Mr Rawlin that suspect had been given with a choice of  “surrendering without harm or remaining in place”.A member of the US Army Reserve, Johnson who is there from 2009 to 2015 who had served in Afghanistan,don’t have any criminal history.

David Brown, the Police chief had said that the suspect had reveal a delegate that he wants to kill white people, specially the white police officers, who make him angry about the recently shootings which are done by white police officers of black men .

Mr Brown has added the man , who is the suspect of the case, and that man had said he was not connected with any of the group and he just did everything by his own.Two civilians were injured , while police had arrested three other peole and recently said that they consider that two of snipers was caught police in crossfire.

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