Facebook Awards 10-year-old boy $10000 for identifying Instagram bug

Facebook awarded $10000 for a Finnish Boy who found a bug in the company’s Instagram application. According to a Daily Mail report published on May 03, 2016, the young boy named Jani identified a way in which Instagram’s server can be accessed, and thus deleting text posts by users.

The boy revealed that he mailed to Instagram after finding the bug. After some days, the company replied him stating that it has been fixed. Facebook also paid Jani a cool $10000 as part of bug bounty program.

Facebook’s Big Bounty program is dedicated in giving cool cash prizes to people who find issues in the Facebook infrastructure. Through this program, the social networking giant has awarded more than $4.3 million as payouts in the past five years.

In a recent talk, Jani told that he can delete the comments of any Instagram users, and it even includes Justin Beiber’s texts. Jani’s father is in a state of excitement after seeing his son’s achievement. He told that the money will be used to buy a new bike. The happy man told that his son learned the basic steps of bug discovery by watching YouTube videos.

Facebook received more than 13000 error submissions last year, and out of this, nearly 550 were real flaws.

At this juncture, readers should understand that an Indian computer programmer based in Bangalore has earned more than Rs 1.2 crore just by reporting bugs for Facebook, Twitter and a host of other US-based companies. On March, he received $15000 for hacking Facebook through a simple software application. As of now, he has reported 90 bugs for Facebook and 30 for Twitter.

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