Facebook joins hands with Kaspersky to spot malware on computers

Facebook, the social networking King on June 25, 2015 announced that they have partnered with security software firm Kasperky to help its users detect, protect and clean several kinds of malware from their computers.

Malware is basically an umbrella term which is used to denote, computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware and other malicious programmes.

Other online security firms like, ESET, F-Secure and Trend Micro are also part of this programme.

Facebook, in a blog post said that if Malware posts are detected in the user’s system, a Kaspersky scan will be offered, and thus, the malware can easily be destroyed.

Facebook joins hands with Kaspersky to spot malware on computers

As per Facebook, they have helped more than 2 million people to clean up their computers in the last three months.

Facebook security team also added that the clean up process will be carried out in the backdrop, and after the scan, you will get a notification which will indicate the completion of scan status. During the time of scanning, you can use Facebook, and there will be no hassles associated with it.

Kaspersky Lab’s Kate Kochetkova said that Facebook is a major target for phishers. As perKate, one out of five phishers targets Facebook, and users should be aware of emails that are coming in the name of the social networking company. She also added that there are lots of Trogens which are targeting Facebook users.

Kate made it clear that all the emails which come in the name of Facebook may not be from the original source. Many cases have been reported where emails in the name of Facebook have created phishing and frauds.

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