Facebook Messenger Now Allows Payment Support In Its Chatbots

Facebook Messenger Now Allows Payment Support In Its Chatbots

As the competition is getting tough and tougher the big names are not leaving any method of smashing the rivals and letting them strive for surviving in the market and making self-brand the most sustainable. Facebook is not leaving any chance to become the best social networking site in the world. By launching latest and upgraded versions and every single time which surely shocks the users and even the rivals. Facebook earlier opened up its very famous Messenger to developers to create a whole new stage and all new applications and “bots” which will let you interact with the users directly.

Facebook Messenger Now Allows Payment Support In Its Chatbots

These bots can provide the information but the consumers who wanted to make a purchase had to be directed to an external website. The company said developers have created more than 30,000 bots for Messenger, and many more developers are still working on many applications. There are certain presumptions coming from the officials of Facebook that the potential for the messenger platform is very huge and they will continue to invest in making it the best and amazingly easy app for the users.

The apps are also made available for easy and effective payment and checkout experience in order to reduce the overall friction between demanding and accessing it easily and without any problem. The Bots will let People use their payment information already stored on Messenger and Facebook to check out faster in Messenger threads. The news was confirmed by Facebook and was officially announced on Monday that a new online payment system that will allow businesses to sell directly to consumers on this very famous Messenger application.

The official statement by the Facebook officials is that “We’re kicking off the beginning of messages with payments that will allow businesses to sell their products and services directly to customers in the Facebook Messenger,”. The customers don’t need to do the procedure gradually and they can check out with a few easy clicks, without ever leaving the Messenger app.

The announcement suggests Facebook may be able to monetize its free messaging application, which is used by over a billion people, by making it an e-commerce platform which will be a very amazing and demanding update till now by the Facebook. The updates will surely be going to affect both Businessman and facebook in terms of publicity and advertisement.

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