Facebook Updated Its Messenger With End-to-End Encryption, Same as Whatsapp


Whatsapp has recently announced that its latest update will have quite a few enhancements to their camera feature, somewhat like Snapchat they will also now offer their users to let them doodle on their pictures before sending it to their friends. The feature which was first launched by Snapchat next was made available a year later by Facebook and the latest Instagram stories also have kind of a similar feature.

What’s surprising is Google is the next big name in communication and they also have this feature in their new Allo messenger. Now it has been high time as Whatsapp also gives us the option to add smileys to your pictures just to spice things up a bit, you can also do all this even to videos. But we think WhatsApp got a bit too late in line to get this feature as were only targeting the text messaging till now, not media sharing.


A spokesperson for Whatsapp also stated that they have also added some more enhancements features to make their camera feature generally more user friendly, but we personally think that they should have also thought of something new because it has been so long that Whatsapp was relying on text messages, as they really need to be ahead of competition in order to compete more.

According to this feature update, they have made clear that they will now start targeting users who are more inclined towards media sharing and are used to express themselves freely. The Whatsapp camera will now also support front facing flash like Snapchat, which means the screen of your handset will turn white so that you can take better pictures in dim light.

If the sources are to be believed the Whatsapp video will also get a zoom feature soon too, quality of which will be same as for the camera of your handset. But once again according to us all Whatsapp did was copy Snapchat, as they are also giving a new option to double tap and change the camera from front to rear and vice versa. This is it for now, stay tuned for more updates and interesting articles.

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