Fan Movie World Television Premier On Set Max Date Time Channel 10th July 2016

Fan, one of the Indian thriller film of 2016, and released on 15th April 2016, which is directed by very talented and well known director of bollywood who had already contributed a lot to the Indian film industry , the film is featuring Shah Rukh Khan in the leading role of the film, as he is one of the most amazing and very talented actor since he is in the bollywood industry.

fan movie

Fan is produced by none other than Aditya Chopra , under their banner of Yash Raj Films , and it tells the story about an hooking fan of star who looks just like the star. All the soundtrack album and original score of the film is composed and given by Vishal – Shekhar and Andrea Guerra respectively.

Movie : Fan
Channel : Max
Time : 8:00

Here in the film shahrukh khan is playing a character named Gaurav Chadana a super fan of an Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna(Shahrukh khan), actually here in the film Shahrukh khan is playing a dual role and the roles are really suited him a lot, as he is able to divert his mind according to the situations and the roles which had given to him in the film.

Gaurav had won a local talent show and he gives the credit of his winning to Aryan, and he just came upto the journey to meet his idol in person and want to show him the trophy which he has won on the birthday of his idol, and then he decides to go to Mumbai and to visit his idol, as he don’t have money in his pockets so he travels to Mumbai without a ticket in response to meet his idol, Aryan Khanna.

Overall in the film Shahrukh did so well with his character and he puts his all strength to make the character to be shown in real and here Shahrukh just proved all , by his great experience in the film industry. The film has a budget of Rs. 8.5 cr and has done a good business on box office by collecting approx. Rs. 79.34 cr in India and has collected approx. Rs. 61.35 cr overseas.
Here now their is a big surprise for you, that the film is going to have a premiere of Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan with a great message and an amazing story.


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