‘Fast & Furious 8’: Latest Updates About Upcoming Sizzling Villain “Charlize Theron”


One of the most awaited movie of the decade and the most renown franchise movie Fast and Furious which is going to have the 8th installment of this franchise next year has started to give away the news regarding the upcoming movie.

The news is very much awaited as there is no buzz or relative news coming from the maker’s side regarding the movie. So this news is going to blow the flame again, as the fans will surely going to wonder why Paul walker’s character Brian O’Conner will going to shot a fight scene with the movie’s protagonist character Dominick Toretto being portrayed by Vin Diesel. According to some reports, fans are actually very much excited about the character of Brian in the upcoming movie sequel and the showrunner are looking into Caleb and Cody into doubling for the actor.

f8-2Paul Walker who was sadly demised in an accident in 2013 has been an unmatched character of the franchise and most exciting part of the movie since the very first one. The daughter of Paul Walker has reportedly objected the possibility of the reappearing of the character of his dad in the movie.

There are some great changes as new costs will be added to “Fast and Furious 8”, Charlize Theron, Dame Helen Mirren and Scott Eastwood. Theron was also named as the most powerful villain. Six months ago, when the movie released a photo of Theron, it cautioned that the crew will have to face their greatest challenge this time too, this will go to be quite interesting as seeing Theron as the most powerful villain in the movie series, as according to her innocent and beautiful face, but with some very powerful and daring eyes seems too captivating.

This might make her role be an impressive one when it comes to opposing the team of Dom in the movie.

While there are so many speculations and buzzing around the industry and social media regarding the movies and the story plot of the upcoming movie, Vin diesel has given an official statement about the official release of the trailer of the movie which will going to take place on 11 Dec, 2016 and will surely going to blow the viewers mind with lots of intensity and thrilling action ahead for them.

The movie will go to get released on 14 April 2017.

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