FDA approves seven bread samples suspected for adulteration

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) had received reports of seven samples of sliced bread, bun bread and pizza read with traces of potassium bromate, but they tested negative.

The Director of FDA, Salim Veljee confirmed receiving the reports and their results. The FDA collected samples of the bread and other bakery products after the research center for science and environment claimed that some of the brands of packaged bread, and pizzas contain toxic chemicals which can cause cancer, two weeks ago.

They had collected 18 samples of bread, including pao, and white and brown bread, which were sent to the Bambolim testing center in Goa. A previous batch of bread samples tested at the facility had also not shown any traces of carcinogens.

Before this many stakeholders in the industry had made claims saying that a certain level of KBrO3 in bread. The FSSAI has now decided to remove it from the permissible additives and evaluate their effects.

Four other samples of cake are yet to be tested.

The country has not been a stranger to adulterants in packaged food. Recently the whole maggi noodles-lead content had become a charade. Before that was the process of making of different packaged sauces.

In such circumstances a tight regulatory authority and guidelines act as the invisible hand guiding the industry.

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