FDA proposes limit on Arsenic level in Baby Rice Cereals

Baby Rice Cereals

Arsenic present in food items are known for triggering health hazards among people, and this has now compelled Food and Drug Administration to propose a limit on the amount of inorganic arsenic in rice cereals for infants.

The uncontrolled amount of arsenal is considered to be the primary source of the exposure to poison in very young kids. On Friday, April 01, 2016, FDA released the new threshold for arsenic content.

Experts in FDA believes that intake of Arsenal among children will make them perform less active in some developmental tests. In typical cases, arsenic used to enter edible items naturally, but the use of pesticides will enhance the amount of this element.

FDA asks for a maximum level of inorganic arsenic in infant rice cereal of 100-parts-per-billion, and this is parallel to the benchmark set by European Commission for infant foods.

Susan Mayne, from FDA, told that this proposed limit is readily achievable, and if we are quite keen in following it, then it will not be a difficult task to abide this. From now, manufacturers of baby foods will be forced to endure the new guidelines.

FDA believes that rice consumption among children through rice cereal is three times greater than adults.

Baby food giant after learning about the limits revealed that they are already meeting the levels proposed by FDA.

Two years back, Food and Drug Administration has proposed a limit of arsenic levels in Apple juice, and now they have implied the same in rice.

This new move has fetched positive responses from all corners, as it will have direct impacts in enhancing the health of people.

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