Final 4 Contestants Performances Left! ‘Dance Plus’ Season 2: 4th September 2016 Latest Episode Written Updates

One of the biggest dance talent show which has shown the exceptional talent and un-imaginable performances till the very first day and even the auditions was on another level and they have rocked the whole show.

The show has started with another amazing standup of Raghav Juyal, with his exceptional acting skills and fantastic dialogue delivery makes everyone feel free and happy before the starting of this tough competition to the finals. The today’s performances of Wild Rippers Crew, Mingma, Piyush Bhagat and The Bandits. They are going to a showdown for their set in the finals. The first performance is of Wild Ripper’s crew from Dharmesh Team, their performance in the girl’s getup is on another level and some of the best stunts have done a silver lining on their performance while they perform to their best.

dance plus 2 3 september 2016The best thing is that after every performance the very own legend “Pandit Birju Maharaj” and that” a very own legendary thing for the finalists. They got fantastic comments and praises from the judges for thier performance was quite intresting.

The next performance is of Ming Ma from the captain Puneet’s team, this exceptional guy from Nepal has shown his talent and very impressively while making people wonder and come to this show to fulfil his mother’s dream, he has done an amazing performance on a sad song and gives his flawless performance. He got very amazing comments from the judges for this new experiment with Kathak on a very slow song. All these praises from the very big and mighty legend of India were very big fortune for anyone.

The next performance is of Piyush Bhagat from team Shakti, because of his talent he gets a surprise which is Bosco and Ceaser after a very long time. He gets a very special chance to perform in front of them again, his exceptional performance pays him with amazing reviews from judges and their lovely comments is very motivational.  Bosco and Martis was given their outstanding and very impressive.

Bosco & martial dances with Piyush which is very refreshing for all. The next is from Team Shakti and they are Team Bandits, their performance was not that much good but their act was related to their voting number which is being marked very clever in it.

They got good comments and praises from judges. Their team leader Shakti went to their homeland which is very emotional for them which really motivates them till their very core. After all the performance Puneet gives a very amazing performance by himself, then Shakti gives her sensual performance and is being accompanied by Dharmesh’s performance. The performance which is being given by all three is very exceptional and amazing. This made Remo remembers the very old and remarking time which they have spent together.

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