Find Out Gaurav, Balraj or Navdeesh Who Will Be The Winner Of Roadies X4 On 18th June 2016

roadies x4

Roadies is one of the programe which requires ones physical and mental strength at its peak not only for the contestants but also for the group leaders. last time the leaders has been given que cards to write the names of their contestants and has no other choice than that.
So they did it and gave 4 names.

But the leaders were thinking it is wrong and didn’t agrees to it. But other tries to make her understand and prince tries it. Neha cries on it. Navi and Satish also make her stop but she went on crying and weeping. Prince gave name of navi and sees himself in him, but neha was so much attached to them emotionally. She remembers his strong personality on the audition and his never give up personality.

roadies x4

Total 3 votes to navi and one to satish, so satish didn’t get the chance and gets eleminated. And calls everyone who were in the contest come together. But they have to help their team members in this task which include rafting, mountain climbing and after being harnessed and zip line their selected roadies will bring them down and task will end. First was balraj and took gaurav and saad as his suport and did it.

Divya too did it but takes a little time than others. In the next episode of roadies we will going to see that balraj and navdish were the top two contestants to make it to finals. Divya and anamika is now in the ex-roadies. Now one of the ex will get a chance to prove his worth again and make a chance to finals with balraj and navi.

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