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finding dory

Pixar has once again proves that they are the kings of animation. Finding Dory is a fantastic sequel of its first part but It’s not as good as Finding Nemo was, but comes pretty damn close to it.

The story is incredibly imaginative with just the right amount of humor and sentiment required. The new characters are very much entertaining, even the ones that have just a guest appearance. Every piece of the film really stands up to be counted.

finding dory

Finding Dory takes place a year just after the events of the first movie. Dory has settled into an simple life with Marlin and Nemo. A random event suddenly stirs Dory’s memories of her lost childhood. She remembers a strange phrase, then in true habbit like Dory, forgets it suddenly. But luckily, Nemo is nearby and remembers it. They solve it like a puzzle and it is a clue to her birthplace. Marlin is on its across the sea adventures, but Nemo reminds him what she has done last time to rescue him. As the three of them embarks on the quest for Dory’s parents, they get separated.

The journey to find each other results in a host of wonderful new friends. Including a stupid, but kind hearted octopus, a nearly-blind whale, and the most-odd duck who just graces the silver screen.

The famous writer/director Andrew Stanton and Victoria Strouse screenplay is amazing. Pixar loves to make his audience cry. You could fill a bucket of tears from even his animated movies like Up, Toy Story 3, and last year’s animation hit, Inside Out. This time around they strike the perfect sentiments from inside you. the great Loss, the fore-sake love of your family, cherishing your gifted friends, these are some of the great lessons, but can easily be soggy if gets too much and especially in a kids movie.

The filmmaker’s blend emotion with laughs and wonder for the perfect happiness. It also helps that the characters are so well established in their counter parts. The otters only does have given a three minutes role on screen, but are remarkably memorable by his character. The writing plays a crucial role too.

The one thing that didn’t quite get much expectations was the quality of the CGI. Lets be clear that this is a minor. Finding Dory looks almost like Finding Nemo. It still looks amazing, but Nemo came out thirteen years ago.

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