‘Flash’ Season 3: New Upcoming Characters Revealed With Return Of Patty Spivot


The Flash was renewed for third season by CW. It will take place in conjunction with season five of Arrow and Season two of  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The new teaser titled ‘New destinies. New Dangers’ is released. With this Flash is going to be treasure trove of DC nuggets.

Barry Allen has created an alternative timeline ‘Flash Point’ where there will be many familiar faces that are not quite same. The Flash is enabling the viewers to see life at two different planets, different Earths. The Flash season 3 will premiere Tuesday October 4 at 8 p.m.on The CW. The CW has picked up ‘Flash’ for the third installment. The first episode of season is titled ‘Flash Point’. Kid Flash will also be seen in season 3. The upcoming season will introduce Doctor Alchemy, whom viewers take like Barry Allen.

flash-season-3One of the significant elements of Flash are relationships those transit from familial, to friendly, to romantic. This all makes the Barry’s interactions endearing. Barry traveled to the past to save her mother from Reverse-Flash since he had lost his father to the zoom. New encounters are there with old and new villains, allies, and friends. Only few woman could capture Barry’s attention in first two seasons.

One of them going to appear in season 3. Patty Spivot mentioned a very strong possibility of coming back if everything works out. This all is mentioned in an interview posted by ‘Monkey Fighting Robot’. Patty Spivot was a major presence in Barry Allen’s life though her role was greatly reduced on the TV Show. Their brief connection doesn’t mean that she will not appear later at some point.

flash-season-2-newsShe actually stole Bart Allen’s suit and cosmic motorcycle and finally takes on the mantle of Hot Pursuit. Many stories which seemed to be closed are going to return including the return of Linda Park. In the earlier preview  of season 3, it has been shown that Barry and Iris don’t have much of the relationship. There are infinite possibilities. VanSanten come back is not officially confirmed.

arrow-season-3The ‘Flash’ has multiple timelines and dimensions enabling endless possibilities of infinite number of scenarios. Nora Allen is seen in two different capacities and she will make a come back in totally different way in season 3.

Zoom Hunter Zolomon will be causing more havoc for Barry and central city in  the season three. Actor Teddy Sears is not returning to the show as Black Flash. The second season of sci-fi superhero series has received universal acclaim so the renewal of show was quite predictable.

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