Flirtey Tests 1st Urban Drone Delivery in U.S.

Tokyo Police Drone

Flirtey, a startup focusing on drone delivery, recently conducted a successful drone delivery test in Hawthorne, Nev.

This was the first FAA-approved urban drone delivery in the United States.

On March 10, the company’s drone delivered a package of supplies, including bottled water, emergency food supply and a first-aid kit, to an unoccupied house in Hawthorne. The drone used a rope to lower the package to the house’s front porch.

In Australia, Flirtey has used drones to deliver textbooks in Australia, while the company has shipped auto parts in New Zealand through its drone fleet.

Following an approval from U.S. authorizes, Flirtey is now conducting tests sanctioned by the Federal Aviation Administration at specified sites. The company tested a rural drone delivery in Virginia last July.

Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeny stated that “conducting the first drone delivery in an urban setting is a major achievement, taking us closer to the day that drones make regular deliveries to your front doorstep.”

This seems a good news for Amazon and other companies that are interested in using drones for package deliveries to save time and money.

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