Florida Woman is Allergic To Her Own Tears and Sweat

Allergic To Her Own Tears and Sweat

A former dance teacher in Florida, Julie Reid is now a victim of cholinergic urticaria which makes her allergic to herself. The 28 year-old lady breaks out in hives whenever she gets exposed to her own tears and sweat.

Unfortunately, this is an autoimmune disease which cannot be cured. The case of Julie was reported on April 15, 2016, and it has become the hottest talking topic among health experts.

Julie loves dancing and gymnastics, and it was her livelihood till now. But with the identification of this rare disorder, she is not able to continue this profession anymore. This condition makes her skin hypertensive to various things, and it includes exercise and stress.

Reid on her GoFundMe page told that she is allergic to her sweat and tears. She also added that it is quite difficult to lead an idle life, as she was very much physically active throughout her life. Experts believe that this rare condition is connected to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism as well.

According to reports, the former dance teacher developed this condition three years back, when she developed hives after a gymnastic session. Hives as a result of sweating lasted for days to weeks, and was compelled to quit the job.

Now, the young lady spends most of the time inside her house, but even then, she used to develop hives as a result of some emotional variations. The dance teacher is now an emotional eater, and has gained more than 100 pounds in short time. Even though, she is doing enough physical activity, losing weight has become a himalayan task for her.

No health insurance is available for this condition. Reid is finding it very much difficult to meet the ends of his life, after she was denied disability pay.

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