Ford Mustang 2016 India: A Power Packed Luxury Sedan

ford mustang

Ford, the world leading brand in cars and known for its stylish designs and the power with a gearing up speed which is extremely high is comes up to India with its new range of cars.

Here we are talking about the latest Ford Mustang car which is going to be enter in the Indian car markets soon and Ford had fixed up the price of the Mustang series to 65 lakh for the Indian car lovers and in the Indian car markets. 65 lakh is the starting price for the Mustang series. After five decades the production of Mustang had started its production and it is one of the muscular and iconic car which is from America and had made the new way to India.

ford mustang

And it includes the top spec 5.0l V8 variant in India and just set the price of 65 lakh especially for the Indian car markets, can you believe that! yes its just 65 lakh for the latest Ford Mustang. The price tag which had set to 65 lakh can bring for you the Audi TT, BMW Z4, and top of the line mid-sized German sedans or SUVs, but none of them can bring a 5.0L V8 for you.

We will not gonna debate here for the other cars. Here we are for the first ever time TVC of Ford Mustang which has been seen in India for the very first time. Ford Mustang which is the dream of everyone to took a drive and to have a convo with air. One of our team mate had a look to the Ford Mustang around the Auto Expo and had said that when he saw the Mustang for the very first time he is just had a mind blowing experience with the look of the car and especially the interiors are so pretty cool.

The one half had showed the 5.0 badging and when he had pointed out the glorious V8 engine and which is including an orgasmic exhaust note, which is very impressive and had attracted a large number of car lovers toward its performance as it can be go for so long.

The Ford Mustang is full of power and potential as when we comes to its tyres, and after having a great number of laps the tyres can be filled up with semi moist. And its the good news for the Indian car lovers and for the car dealers as well because it is one of the most amazing and a big brand in itself.

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