Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Abused 4 Boys, But Will Not Face Charges

Photo: Dennis Hastert / Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Federal prosecutors said that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is involved in abusing four high schools boys, but he’ll not face any charges because the case is too old.

Documents released on Friday showed that Hastert abused four high school boys Yorkville, Illinois, when he was a wrestling coach.

Hastert, the longest-running Republican speaker of the House, will be sent to the jail on April 27 after pleading guilty last October in a hush money case for structuring money transactions in a way to evade requirements to report where the money was going, CNN News reported.

Investigators, who said Hastert paid $3.5 million, also found Hastert was paying one former student to stay quiet about sexual abuse allegations.

The allegations date back to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, according to the prosecutors’ court filing. Reason Hastert will not face sexual abuse charges is the statutes of limitation have expired, according to prosecutors.

Three students accused Hastert of sexual abuse at Yorkville High School, where Hastert was a beloved coach. He was named Illinois Coach of the Year after leading the wrestling team to the state championship. Fourth student was getting paid to stay quiet, while a fifth former student died years after the abuse, the document shows.

“The actions at the core of this case took place not on the defendant’s national public stage but in his private one-on-one encounters in an empty locker room and a motel room with minors that violated the special trust between those young boys and their coach,” prosecutors said.

Ahead of the sexual abuse allegations, Hastert apologized this week for an unspecified misconduct.

“Mr. Hastert is deeply sorry and apologizes for his misconduct that occurred decades ago and the resulting harm he caused to others,” his attorneys wrote. “He will stand before the court having deteriorated both physically and emotionally, undoubtedly in part due to public shaming and humiliation of an unprecedented degree.”

Source: CNN News

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