Freaky Ali 6th Day Collection: Sidharth’s ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ Beats Nawazuddin’s Film On Box Office

Freaky Ali

Freaky Ali which is one of the latest released and also the most awaited movie by one of the finest actor Nawazuddin Siddaqui and the sizzling Amy Jackson. The movie which is basically a Sports Romantic Comedy Thriller movie and is having  very inspirational yet comedy plotting.

Freaky Ali

The movie is being directed by Sohail Khan and is being produced by Khan and Nishant Pitti, while the dialogues   is being penned down by Raaj Shaandliya. The movie which is based on the amazing bu slow story of Ali Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is an extortionist collector for the local goon along with Maqsood which is being portrayed by Arbaaz Khan. One  day his fortune shines up and his fate turns out amazingly, when one day he and Maqsood go to a golf course to collect some money, and after waiting for long hours for the man to give him the money. Ali confronts the man who tells him to wait while he finishes the game.

Ali suddenly claims the hole is very easy, he ask him to show it. Ali putts the ball in just one ace for he has a gifted natural swing, This not only surprises the man but his caddy as well who knows him. This inspirational story about a simple extortion debt collector to one of a golfing sensation, and along the way of him becoming a champion, Ali beats all odds and meets his dream girl, Megha (Amy Jackson).

The movie is expecting quite a great buzz and the collection was expected much better then the results which it shows on the very first day.

The movie collection report shows a very drastic and shocking earnings of the movie which is Freaky Ali Fri 2.55 cr, Sat 2.85 cr, Sun 3.10 cr. Total: ₹ 8.50 cr Domestically, while the movie Baar Baar Dekho shows better performance over the theaters and collected almost Fri 6.81 cr, Sat 7.65 cr, Sun 6.70 cr, Mon 2.37 cr. Total: ₹ 23.53 cr. The both movies are expecting great and better performance but the box-office didn’t seems to be in a very fortunate time.

The movie is still running on many box-offices and the earning is still going on and will going to be on the theaters for some more time but the upcoming movie like Pink which is having a very amazing and great buzz on the box-office and in the industry too is expecting to stop the running of all the movies on the theaters.

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