Fujifilm’s New Camera X-T2 Features Specification Price Photography Pictures


Fujifilm, the name is enough for the camera technology world, and now Fujifilm is going to launch their one of the latest brand new camera X- T2, after a huge success of X- T1 with a technology of interchangeable lens camera, which was introduces by them in 2014. we already had used their camera in the earlier days , X- T1 for little 2 years and its the favorite of mine all the time , as the performance and the quality of the pictures are so amazing and pretty cool.


Fujifilm had always puts its best efforts in their camera with a latest technology and update it on the regular basis and improves its and upgrade it as the camera needs improvements in it basically they put their eyes on the most wanted and needy function that is auto focus system of the camera.

But here they had done a great job in the new camera which is going to release worldwide in few days, its time to get something new and to experience a new technology within a small gadget but with a great feature. The X- T2 , it packs up with more megapixels and it will enable you to shoot 4K videos. And had included an electronic view finder which will going to make its performance more better.

it is just a pre- production sample which we get here to check out its performance and after a week by using it regularly we find that it will going to hit the stores and the market as well in September. The X-T2 will comes up here in the market with cost $1,599.95 for body-only, and $1,899.95 with a kit configuration that includes the polite 18-55mm lens. and that is not cheap at all, actually it is a fair amount , which is provided by the Fujifilm for the awesome technology which is built in X- T2.
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