Full Story: Indian Drone Shot Down By Pakistan Near LoC

Indian Drone Shot Down By Pakistan Near LoC

The Director General of ISPR (Inter- Service Public Relations), said that Pakistan army had shot down an India drone which gets fall at Rakh Chakri sector. The officers also say that it had done continues firing and had killed four people. The drone said to be gone 60 metres deep into the Pakistan territory. Mohammad Shafqat who is a police official had told about the four people who get dead in the incidence. Besides this, there is no answer had come from India Army’s side till now. This silence of Indian Army can make the blame right. The official of Pakistan’s Army also says that they had shot the drone down and now taken its part in custody.

indian-drone-shot-down-by-pakistan-near-locIndian Army remains quite about this incidence but the Indian Army officers had blamed the Pakistan’s army  for provoking them to shot and befitting. The situation between the two countries is becoming harsh after the incidence in which Pakistan Army gets into India border at LOC and kills many army officials. The incidences are queued with the 286 incidences which had happened at LOC.

Pakistani officials are blaming Indian army for all those incidences. Besides this Pakistan’s foreign ministry also tweet and shows his grief for those people who get died in the incidence. Looking ahead towards the relations of both the countries is still remain the same and this incidence has remained in news.

Director General of ISPR make a tweet and says that”  Indian Quad Copter shot down by own Aagahi Post in Rakhchakri Sec.Had intruded 60 Ms in Pak side of LOC,fell near own Agahi Post&taken over”. Now it will be in the limelight that what answer will the India Army will going to give at this.

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