Galaxy Note 7 Users Plans To Buy iPhone 7 After Refund From Samsung


As we all know that Samsung’s last launch i.e. Galaxy Note 7 came under much trouble with the acts of ignition of its batteries. The smartphone was officially banned by US government. Also, the smartphone was restricted in flights by airlines. The smartphone made a huge downfall in sale count of Samsung and now the company is claiming to deliver an upgraded handset with dual safety band. But Samsung users are still worried will this dual safety band will work or not ?

During a survey on SurveyMonkey, it was observed that majority of Note 3 users voted to buy an iPhone 7 in replacement of their Samsung device after refund from the company. The voting poll clinched a final conclusion of less than 10% to continue with Note 7 new model. After the survey, some reports were made which gave the below data.


Around 35% asked for a refund from Samsung while 26% showcased their views to buy iPhone 7 in return of their Galaxy Note 7. This leads to making Samsung down in comparison with its competitor Apple. SurveyMonkey didn’t ask for which another handset of Samsung users will go with. 21 percent also stated that they will opt for an another smartphone of same brand i.e. Samsung.

At last only 18 per cent polls comes out in favor of Note 7 new model. This looks like Samsung’s new flagship of Note 7 upgraded model with dual safety band will be no longer beneficial for its loss of reputation with last few explosions. It’s not just about Note 7 more handsets also exploded like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which made people think once before buying any Samsung smartphone.

Samsung created a huge buzz of Note 7 on its launch and grabbed a much success in the first few weeks as the selling was more than 2.5 million units. Samsung was also in deep concern towards sales effect with the launch of iPhone 7 in September and now it happened very badly. Let’s see how long will this new model of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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