‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: Leaked Images From Set Shows ‘Jon Show Is All Set To Have A Comeback’


The Game of thrones is one of the biggest and most expensive show running till now and this also shows the expectancies of the series which can never be expected before we actually saw the episode in front of our eyes, but just like every time it has happened and news from the sets of Game of thrones is out and this time it’s with images.

The news is being rumored to be about Kit Harington who is finally spotted in Belfast, Ireland amid the filming for Game of Thrones upcoming season 7. Many of the actors which were seen in the city have been caught during the last few days but in the very first glance about the iconic character of the series who plays a very crucial and amazing character of Jon Snow who was captured in the city. The things later got confirmed when Harington was found spotted with Sophie Turner’s body double and ten pictures were posted on the English actor’s fan page.

got-s7-2In some other images of on-set which got revealed, the actor was found wearing a costume while holding a set of papers, while probably trying to rehearse his dialogues for the scene.

This sighting of Jon Show’s character during the summer is quite interesting while considering the fact that season 6 was ended up being a snowball and the whole island was a dark blanket of snow. Fans are actually intrigued to know why the king of North is wearing some very casual royal costumes and is waiting for the summers.

As the last season give the hint that the weather which is very suitable or might be the lovely one of white walkers will definitely go to encourage them to come out and as the Bran Stark’s thinking they will be seen ramming the walls and smashing away the army of Night’s watch.

jon-snow3jon-snow-2jon-snowNow all the eyes are on the great king of North the Jon Snow and how he will going to manage to save his lovely empire and its residents who will be looking forward to him when it comes to staying alive in front of White Walkers. The creators are giving away the news that the show might go on for a longer time as David Benioff and Dan Weiss has previously said that the crew will film all the after effects and situations which might arise after having the longest winter in the realm ever.

game-of-thrones-season-7The news has started to arrive about the spinoff that we all should be prepared as the HBO will not going to show mercy after the ending of the still awaited eighth season. The might not find any suitable replacement once after the show is over as the HBO programming president Casy Bloys told in his statement that this is one of the finest show with some of the finest writers and characters, ever created.

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