‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoff Or Prequal Must Be A Very Remarking One! Told Casey Bloys, HBO’s Programming Chief


The Game of Thrones which is one of the best and only show which has shown the most viewership till now from the very beginning is going to get a spinoff after the show will go to see an end in 2018.

While the Game of Thrones seems to be the only show which has made the channel much more popular than it was earlier and has also won many Emmys than any other Primetime Tv show in the history, while the growth seems to be constant and always on the positive side when it some to GOT viewership and critical acclaim, so this is quite clear from the reports which are screaming that ‘Don’t even think of ending it’. So the makers are thinking that who to take the things to the  next level when the show will about to come to an end.

game-of-thronesHBO programming chief Casey Bloys told in an at statement that they are not possibly thinking of ending the show right now and never will.

This might not be underestimated that the network has found a suitable exchange to the viewership on the channel because the new show has shown some very great audience even on the premiere telecast and the response were awestruck to many legendary Serials.

The Westworld has got almost a million more than the debut and most of the HBO since the first season of True detective in 2014. If there are any chance of spinoff then it is quite possible that it will not go to be with Thrones showrunner David Benoff and D.B Weiss who have said that their part will go to an end when the show comes to an end.

But as Boys has told in his statement that they will go to give an exact spinoff which will go to overcome the show Game of Thrones for all. The remarking show has shown some very great things to the network as the last season’s finals of the show have counted around 9 million viewers except those who are watching the show via on demand and on streaming.

The end of the show will not go to effect the expel any of the show as they will going to not let down the channel because of the ending of the show. But there are still some doubts regarding that the show which will going to come and will exactly take the place of the amazingly running show like Thrones.

The channel is doing whatever it can do to possibly get an exactly loved show like “Game Of Thrones”.

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