“ganvesh” Marathi Social Movie 4th Day Box Office Earnings Worldwide Collections


A Movie which shows the true events and is based truly on the life of how the people who are unale to earn enough for their family and for their fulfilling of their families needs even the basic ones. A story which is just far beyond the scope of cheating or creating on any other base.
The movie is based on true events and shows the reality of the Indian society. The story is about a family who is very poor that they can not een afford to but the school uniform of their children’s and to meet the basic needs is just like a ream for them which they are unable to achieve. It clearly show that if we care to look for it and that tells us about the socio political situation in which the India is running and where we live in today’s India. Most usually, a uniform strips is the character of its uniqueness and turns him into a small part of the whole world.The meaning of the movie s all about what we symbolizes towards self or to others, the identity of the person, and something the individual will struggle to retain.


The weakest point in the film is the central assumption that playing the title for the uniform for a single day is quiet difficult. The school is accommodating and they allow him to wear his given uniform routinely, so it is just a question of a single day. He can take it from any classmate, as new has no connection other than it needs to be in a good condition. Still, the film is trying to make a larger social point and as a good audience, we can allow them this misdirection.

The other problem is the speed on which the movie is going on, which is no even, especially in the second half. Once the problem is neatly established, padding for the length becomes an issue for the whole movie, which is solved by the introduction of the tailor in the story. The episode is entirely unnecessary, as it doesn’t add anything except additional duration.

The film survives the flaws of the movie because of the strong cast and well fleshed-out characters. Other than the five major characters, you have several smaller once, but most of them acts like they were real enough and not like only to be put as to plot devices to push the story forward.

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