‘Ganvesh’ Movie Review & Rating Hit or Flop Stills Critics Box Office Collection


Greed can be dangerous and sometimes hazardous but it depends upon the reason of the greed, greed is not the same every-time. Greed can be of many types like greed to success, or greed to achieve,or greed for someone living or dead thing or people.

But what are those circumstances when a person is greedy because he wants to fulfill his family requirements and just to meet the daily necessary needs which should be fulfilled whenever they arise. Eros international is one of the world’s biggest and most trusted name on which any movie can get their reputation on the seventh sky and can even get most of the publicity if they are having this name on their first page of trailer or movie name has been with it on the poster with it. With the help and working under a banner like Eros is not a small thing and one must be crucially fulfilling the demands made by the movie to make it a flop or a hit on box-office.


A movie with very serious story which relates to every single person who is facing poverty and to make their family survive in this world is very difficult. A movie Ganvesh which revolves around a story of a family and a small kid who asks for small things from their family but their family members are unable to bring him anything at all.

This movie is featuring a very ambitious story which is thought-provoking, but often loses focus over the course of its course time. This movie not only addresses the problems and ills of our Indian society in a story which is set around Independence Day and is being played by multi-character. This movie shows how the country’s bright ideals of independence have dimmed in the intervening 68 years since Gandhi who won our freedom from the British is well illustrated in this stories.

This story basically features of three characters – an elderly minister, a young police inspector and a little boy — obsessed with celebrating the country’s birthday in a brand new uniform. Making his directing and producing bow, cinematographer Atul Jagdale heaps a lot on his plate and the film often risks turning into a tiresome and overly long social drama. But underneath the excess baggage is a moving tale, and the most important scenes do come across forcefully. Tightened editing could take it forward on a festival path.

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