Ghostbusters 3 First Weekend 3rd Day Total Box Office Collection Report

Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters is one of the interesting and the awaited film for the year 2016 and the viewers are just waited a lot for the film to be on the big screens. Ghostbusters is the American supernatural comedy film and the remake of Ghostbusters franchise.

The film is directed by the very talented and the very known for the Hollywood film industry Paul Feig who had done many of the films and here now only he did the same by putting his best efforts in the film to make the every character in real.  The story of the film was written by Katie Dippold and Feig as well.

Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters is featuring the very talented stars and the very known celebrities Melissa Mc Carthy , Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and these four people had started a ghost-catching business in New York City. The film was released for the very first time on 9th July 2016 in Los Angeles and here its release in United States had done on 15th july 2016.

The story of the film is quite impressive and had attracted a large number of audience towards it since the trailer of the film had launched on the YouTube and the social media.

The story of the film includes Dr. Erin Gilbert and Dr. Abby Yates who are the co-authors of a book which posits the existence of paranormal phenomenon like a ghost. The film was released 3 days before and its 17th July 2o16 today, The film was rollout in English speaking and Brazil overseas and had a great response from the audience worldwide with a poitive reviews in bulk. Moreover the film had collected about $134 million from the box office worldwide.

Makers of the film having a lot of expectations from the film as they had done a lot in the film which is best of them. Ghostbusters was released on more than 3962 screens worldwide and had done such a great job on the box office with a tough competition with the films which are released on the same time.

On the very first day it had collected $34 million and on the next day it have $42.03 million on box office collection. And here its the 3rd day of its release and film had collected about $38.94 million. Overall film had a good reviews from the audience. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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