Goli Soda Kannada Movie Review Ratings Public Response Hit Or Flop

Goli Soda

The latest released movie in Tamil movie industry is the Goli Soda which is being written, directed and filmed by cinematographer-director S.D. Vijay Milton. While the movie is being produced by his elder brother Bharath Seeni under the Rough note Productions, the film features Kishore, Sree Raam, Pandi and Murugesh of Pasanga fame. The movie is set around the lives of four young boys named as Puli being done by Kishore, Saetu did bySree Raam, Sitthappa being played by Patti and Kuttimani did by Kuttimani. They work as coolies and earn their bread by working as lifters. They lift and transport vegetable stocks to various shops. One such shop is owned by Aachi Sujatha Sivakumar, who loves these kids so much and treats the boys like his own sons.

Goli Soda

They become friend to a girl named as Vanmathi, who assists them in finding a new friend, who turns out to be Aachi’s daughter, Yamini. They all become friends and starts having a great time together. One day Aachi tells the boys that, they do not have an identity and advice them to start doing something which will go to give them a real and responsible identity. She advises them to do something that will give them an identity and let them earn some respect.

They decide to start a mess in the market, where so many people will have access. Aachi helps them to get an old godown from Naidu by Madhusudhan Rao, he is basically a rich and respected person, who controls the market. All the things were going great but the Things take a turn, when May, the cousin of Naidu, starts using the mess for his own recreational purpose during the night.

The boys allow him first due to their respect for Naidu, but later they find this thing very unacceptable and one day Mayil uses the mess for wrong purposes. One night Mayil rapes a woman in the mess, and Sitthappa, one of the boys is upset with this, and he orders Mayil to get out of the mess immediately.

The story becomes very strong as the movie goes on and the plotting of the story becomes much lovely and impressive while showing the friendship and its unity. The movie does have a great story which is being portrayed in the movie. The very first-day collection of the movie is expected around INR Rs.2 crore to 2.5crore which is a great collection report.

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