Google acquires Synergyse Training to train Google Apps users

Google has acquired Synergyse, a Toronto-based startup which offers training services for Google Apps. According to a statement by the Search Engine Giant, it plans to integrate Synergize Training, into Gooogle Apps. At present Synergize Training, requires a Chrome extension.

Training for Google Apps will now be free. According to Synergyse, which is a simple online training platform, the company boasts over 3000 businesses and four million users. The services are widely used in the enterprise segment. It included companies like Motorola, Woolworths and the Dow Jones. It was originally built on the Google platform and had an excellent record of adoption across the Apps products.

Synergyse Training was founded by an Indian-origin entrepreneur Varun Malhotra and his business partners and is a virtual guide of into Google Apps.

Varun Malhotra is an expert in training and strategy and has over ten years of experience in the enterprise space. Synergyze Training offers voice and text interactive modules, which could be searched topic wise and available directly in Google’s apps.

Synergyse Training was set up in 2013, and the underlying motto was to teach the common public how to use Google Apps. With this acquisition, Google Apps customers can take full advantage of the service since it will be free and will become a part of Google Apps shortly. The products are expected to become an integral part of Google Apps by the end of 2016.

Google hopes to assist its clientele with the important task of change management in the enterprise, and at the same time improve the present training and support programs. Describing Synergyse Training as a virtual coach within the Google Cloud Ecosystem and since the system is housed inside the cloud; it is always up-to-date even as new features roll out.

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