Google Announced: Android Nougat Release Date Prices Specifications

Android nougat

The wait is over and those who were wondering what will be the next android 7.0 name will be this news is for them. Finally Google has announced the full name for Android N and it is Android Nougat.Google is going to continue the naming of it’s Android release after the desserts.

Android nougat

The very first version of Android which was Android 1.5 named Cupcake, then android 1.6 was named Android Donut. After Donut came the Android 2.0 which was named as Android Donut, following with Android 2.2 having the name of delicious Éclair, after that was Android 2.2 also known as Android Froyo, Android 2.3 came to known as Gingerbread. After that came Android 3.0 named Android Honeycomb which is not known to many.

After this Android gain popularity in various country and next names are normally known to everybody. Android 4.0 is known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich following with the Android 4.1 known as Jelly Bean. Then came Android 4.4 also known as Android KitKat. After this came Android 5.0 Lollipop and the following version of Android as Android Marshmallow. And now the latest version of Android which is going to be known as Android Nougat.

Google made announcement of the Android Nougat via Twitter and officially unveils the Nougat statue at Google’s headquarter in Mountain View, California. You can also see that statue as the Google has released an official video at the Youtube which clearly shows the Android 7.0 is named as Android Nougat.

How do they come up with the name? they just simply asked the world about it. Google received various names for it’s next version of Android and Nougat reached the 3rd position in the list. We currently don’t know what are the names which were on the first and second position in the list. Nougat is finalized for the next version of the android as is sounds good and despite being on number three it is better then the two which are above it.

Google has announced that it will release the Android nougat in the third quarter of the year which somewhere around September but it could be here soon.

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