Google Doodle for First Modern Olympic Games 120th anniversary

First ever modern Olympic Games was conducted in the year 1896, and this year marks its 120th anniversary. In the course of years, Olympics have emerged as the largest sports meet in the world, which can boast about the participation of all countries under the sky.

Now, on April 06, 2016, Google honored the Sporting event on Doodle, and it is fetching positive reviews from all corners.

Twelve decades ago, the first Olympics was conducted at Athens, and it featured sports personals from 43 countries competing in nine different events. Athens was chosen as the prime location for this event because it was the birthplace of the ancient Olympic games. The first installment of Modern Olympics also marked the birth of International Olympic Committee, which is still functioning.

Panathenaic Stadium hosted this legendary event. Google, explaining the Doodle stated that the first edition of Olympics was known for big names who participated in the marathon. Spyridon ‘Spyro’ Louis became the winner in Marathon, and within no time, he turned a National Hero. People in Greek still cherishes that memory, and they believe that Spyro’s historical win took the pride of the nation to new heights.

Olivia Huynh, renowned artist, has designed this Doodle for Google. The new Doodle features four different scenes from the 1896 Olympics. Once you refresh each page, you will find different photos all the time.

Weight Lifting, Marathon, Shot Put and Pommel Horse are the various events which are being portrayed on the homepage of search engine. After being the host in 1896, Greece was chosen again in 2004.

Next edition Olympics will take place this year. The venue is Brazil, and the grand opening ceremony will be conducted on August 05, 2016.

On BC 776, ancient games were started dedicated to the Greek God Zeus. In 393 AD, Emperor Theodosius banned the event, and it was later revived after 1503 years.

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